Friday, 29 November 2013

Talented Primary Sevens

Our Primary 7s have been working hard to earn their Junior Award Scotland, Me and My Interests Award. Their talents and creativity never cease to amaze us.  Just some of the wonderful things they have been working on are: sketching skills, cartoons, animation, baking (we are particularly enjoying sampling the baking), knitting, sewing, origami, book reviews and soup making.  We will post more examples of the children's work soon.  In the meantime however, below you can see a fantastic sketch of a wolf by Robert.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

More Sporting Success for Anna

Congratulations, Anna in P7B for achieving first place in the Shot Put and third place in the High Jump at an Edinburgh Athletics tournament. Well done on your Cross Country trophy, too!

P7B Ghosts of War workshop at Edinburgh Castle

We began our visit in the Scottish National War Memorial where we held a minute's silence. After a short break we explored part of the National War Museum, finding out about real people from history. By then we were getting hungry and all enjoyed the lunch break. 
In the afternoon we used notes we had made throughout the morning to help us write some super poetry.
Well done P7B, you worked together to make this a fantastic trip.
Many thanks to our workshop leaders, Lorna and Ken.

Saturday, 23 November 2013


Need a new book to read?  Why not have a look at our book review blog.  You can find reviews of lots of the books we have read and links to other book blogs.  You just might find that book that makes you want to read till you can't hold your eyes open any longer!  We are also keen to have pupils from other classes giving us their reviews.  Hand in any reviews you have to Primary7C, if you want to give us a review electronically come and ask us where to email the review to. Watch out for competitions, coming soon!


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Choices for Life

The three P7 classes have gathered together to watch the live streaming of Choices for Life.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

JGHS Christmas Concert

P7 pupils have been invited to perform at the James Gillespie's High School Christmas Concert on Tuesday 17th December at 7.00pm in the Usher Hall and tickets now on sale for the event.

Buy direct from the Usher Hall website or the box office.

Tickets are priced from £6 - £10.

The following are details of the concert rehearsals for all pupils in the P7/S1 combined choir:

1. Friday 13th Dec from 10.00 - 11.00am:  rehearsal at JGPS
2. Tuesday 17th December from 11.30 - 12.30: rehearsal at the Usher Hall.

The concert will commence at 7.00pm and the P7\S1 choir will perform in the first half. This will last for approximately one hour, and interval will be at 8.00pm if any parents wish to pick their children up from the backstage door.    

Pupils will be expected to wear school uniform.

P7 pupils should arrive at the backstage door for between 6.15-6.30pm. 

Parents can pick children up from the backstage door at approximately 9.15-9.30pm.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Ghosts of War Trips P7

Today Primary 7 are at a poetry workshop at the War museum at Edinburgh Castle. This excellent workshop has helped us gain insights into the Scottish men and women involved in World War One, the jobs they did and their experiences. We gathered notes about what we heard and saw to help us write a poem. 
This was a fascinating, insightful workshop.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Science and Engineering club

Science and engineering club began again a couple of weeks ago and the members have already been thinking more about science investigations and simple engineering projects.  So far we have been thinking about the skills scientists use with an activity where the children had to make observations about wrapped up presents to help them make a prediction about what was in them.  We then watched a video on a disappearing test tubes before using a range of objects, glass beakers, water and test tubes to try and make a test tube 'disappear'.  We made lots of observations about how light travels differently through water, glycerin and some other materials.

This week we began thinking about the nature of engineering by solving an engineering problem. We watched a video to find out about the engineers who worked on the problem of safely landing one of the Mars landers.  The children then worked in teams to design and make a lander for astronauts to land on Mars. They were given a limited number of materials to use and had to think how to gently land the 2 marshmallows in their lander without them bouncing out or being damaged.  One of the aspects of the design we concentrated on was creating a suspension system.