Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween party

On Wednesday all of the primary sevens had a Halloween party. They used each classroom for a different game: Miss French's room was used for apple catching and musical monster statues, it also held the juice station; Mrs Barker's room had dunking for sweets and raisins in icing suger and ghosts and goblin races; and finally Mr Howie's room held the spider race and the grand food table. On the food table there was a delicious cake made by Robert's mum Jackie, it had chocolate spiders on the top and a nice chocolate sponge on the bottom. The costumes were terrifying and there was (fake) blood everywhere! Everybody had a great time and a good laugh!

By Iona

Here are some photos from Mrs Barker's room:

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Writing our book

P7B are working with Mary to describe the main character in their story.

P7 Oil Spill

On the twenty third of October There was a giant oil spill that covered over seven water trays in oil.  The P7's job was to find out what cleared the oil in the trays up better.  They had a wide range of materials: from straws, spoons and lollipop sticks to cotton wool, coffee filters and yellow lint cloths. They each used three of these materials and tested which one absorbed the oil best. One of the groups found coffee filters worked best, while another decided on yellow lint cloth.  The results for each were slightly different depending on the materials chosen.

In the end all of the groups got a craft feather, representing a bird. Each team then dunked their feather into the oil infected water and saw what happens to birds' feathers when they get oil from rivers or seas on them.  Later when cleaning up the oil it spread further across the classroom and on a lot of the P7s. :)

By Iona